Zagreb County – a Trip to Zumberak

Privately guided tour

Zumberak Mountain is one of the least populated areas in Croatia, with a constant emigration during the last one hundred years. But this is not the downside, this is actually its best comparative advantage! And although the emigration left the region nearly abandoned, the Žumberak Mountain with the Samobor hills and Plešivica are all three the most popular excursion destinations of the Zagrebians. Now, the Samobor hills and Plesivica are populated enough, with well-known wine roads and tourist itineraries. We offer hear a visit to the central part of the Žumberak Mountain filled with dense forests, hidden streams, little picturesque villages and family farms.


DURATION: around 4-9hours

STARTING POINT:Your accommodation in Zagreb

WHEN: on request throughout the year depending on weather conditions and availability

PRICE FOR GUIDING SERVICES: 500 Kunas (half day- up to 4h) to 950 Kunas for 5-9 hours trip –  (70 to 90 EUR).







If you have special needs during travel (mobility, diet) please contact us prior to booking.

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