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Zagreb, CroBoZ3 Foodatia

If you are in Zagreb or just traveling through, be sure to book this tour to taste the flavors of our culture ! Sometimes tastes and smells tell you more than words! But there will also be a story about Croatian culture.

This tour as described below is best done between 9 am and 2 pm, and cannot be booked on public holidays. If you are curious about the food culture but cannot do the tour in the morning or you visit our city on public holidays, contact us by mail and we will create a special offer!

Book this tour by e-mail: info (at) bestofzagreb.com or through the contact form below.

Check out our Trip Advisor Ratings on Best of Zagreb Tours – Day Tours  – Central and South – East Europe. For a description and prices, please scroll down.


This tour is not about fast food. It is an easy and simple way of knowing a new culture through the ingredients we can see, smell and taste on our farmer’s market and around. This tour should start before noon. Because all food stories of Zagreb start at the central farmer’s market – the Dolac. The best days to do the tour are from Wednesday until Saturday.

By visiting the Dolac market, you can feel and experience the Croatian culture: how do we behave on the farmers market? Are we loud? Or are we silent, disciplined and organized while buying goods? How different is the offer from your you know from home?

The location of the farmer’s market changed several times, but the way we buy our goods here in this part of Europe, does not change. If you are into it, we can give you a recipe for a traditional Zagreb meal, help you buy the ingredients on the market and then you can try to make them yourself in your apartment.

We will guide your through the tastings in Dolac market where you can see the traditional offer of Zagreb, and around the market where we will taste some local specialties. Prices:

1 person (solo) is 300 Kunas (around 40 EUR)

2- 5 people the price is 205 Kunas per person (around 27 EUR per person)

6 – 9 people the price is 180 Kunas per person (around 25 EUR per person)

Duration: around 2,5h to 3h

The price includes tastings on the farmer’s market, plus three tastings around the market.

For privately guided tours the price is 250 Kunas per person for a tour starting early enough to include the Dolac Market (400 for one person solo). For afternoon tours or extensions (very popular Food + Culture Tour!) please contact me by e-mail or through the contact form.

The program can vary depending on a season and on the day of the week.  The Dolac farmer’s market is closed on holidays.

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