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Roomescape experience in Zagreb

I have recently discovered a game called RoomEscape and I am thrilled with it! I tried it online as a computer game. However, I have to say, it is more fun as real game in a real room.

This game threw our little group of friends out of our usual every day rhythm. In the game, we felt completely dependent one from the other. And, in 60 minutes we have revealed things about each other that we were not aware of.

Bunker 4

My friends and I have discovered that high levels of stress motivate us and different things motivated every one of us. The curiosity to discover, learn and solve the tasks is fun but you have a limited time! Do you have strength to impose yourself as a leader in order to get the group to work together better and faster – or are you looking for acceptance, just to remain the part of the group? These are the behaviors behind the activities in a limited space with a limited time and very specific goal!

We tried the Zagreb Room Escape: the game consists of the group of up to five people entering a room. There you have a number of traces, tasks and puzzles to solve in order to escape the room. To make it more fun, you are limited to 60 minutes! To increase the level of stress even more your main goals are to either save the world from a nuclear bomb, from a Zombie virus or – to steal diamonds from the Central bank and get rich!

The fun part is that you really have to work with your team, as the tasks are very smart – for different types of personalities and skills! Someone has good visual skills, others are skillful with their hands and fingers and others are good in math. You need all these skills to successfully complete all the tasks!

It is not a surprise that some companies send their people to these Escape Rooms for a Team building adventure, and others send candidates as part of the recruitment process to see how they react to stress and to check their abilities such as – cooperation or leadership.
Roomescape Zagreb

This is definitely my recommendation for a fun time in Zagreb! Check it at :

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