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Strange findings in closets and attics

OFFICIAL UNIFORM OF THE  HUMANITARIAN SOCIETY “BAN JELAČIĆ” Texte by Vesna Miholić The challenging time connected to the pandemic of virus Covid 19 has changed the course of everyday life for the people all around the world. Being on a lock-down at our homes, especially now, with the beginning of spring, we, the tourist guides, are feeling it strongly. We had to accept a new ...
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Medieval Free Royal Towns

"If you were to lose all your freedoms tomorrow, what exactly would you lose? “ What can we learn from an old document from 1242. called the Golden Bull / Zlatna bula of Gradec, the medieval Zagreb community? Today, we easily take for granted the freedoms we have, as if they fell from the sky! In fact, everything we have today is the result of a very long development. No freedo...
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Facts vs Fiction

You, a traveler, should ask yourself what you prefer more: real life stories based on facts or fairy tales and fantasy. There is no good or bad answer here. It is a fact that we accept new information more easily through stories, real or made up. How far should we go in interpreting the heritage without compromising facts and real life behind it? And does it event matter? Loo...
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Visit Zagreb now!

Late March and Easter in Zagreb: book your local guide now at info @ Official calendars say spring starts on March 21st, but old calendars say that spring starts on St. Joseph’s day, March 19th. Others insist on later dates, St. George’s on April 23rd. Next week is the Holy Week – the week before Easter. If in Croatia Easter is Uskrs or Vazam. Croatians are pr...
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Escape !

Roomescape experience in Zagreb I have recently discovered a game called RoomEscape and I am thrilled with it! I tried it online as a computer game. However, I have to say, it is more fun as real game in a real room. This game threw our little group of friends out of our usual every day rhythm. In the game, we felt completely dependent one from the other. And, in 60 minutes w...
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Zagreb around World War II

Zagreb around World War II tour gives answers to frequently asked questions about the ex-Yugoslavia. And there were two Yugoslavias in the 20th century. The first one before WWII and the second one after the war. In between during the Second World War stands the short period of the Independent State of Croatia as the marionette country under the German, and partially Italian r...
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Zumberak Mountain

Popular destinations around Zagreb - Žumberak One of the most popular destinations among the citizens of Zagreb for one day – full day trip are the Žumberak-Samobor hills. The natural beauty of the hills and peaks like Okić (495 m) south of Samobor, Oštrc (753 m) and Japetić (871) are on regular itineraries of Zagrebian mountaineers. The central point of the region is a small ...
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Zagreb during Roman Empire

Andautonia and Scitarjevo During our guided walks with visitors we usually say that Zagreb was founded at the end of the 11th century. But archeological findings tell us another story of Zagreb. The whole territory of Croatia was under the Roman rule and was part of the Roman Empire. Part of this antic heritage can be seen very close to Zagreb, in Zagreb County in the village...
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Zagreb cathedral

The cathedral as you can see it today, well we had another strong earthquake March 22nd 2020, and the cathedral was damaged. Read here about its history. Huge reconstruction works from late 19th and beginning of the 20th century, after the earthquake of November 9th 1880 (6.3 on Richter scale) created the cathedral as we new it until 2020. But this beautiful building stands...
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