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One day tours from Zagreb with Travel Point! In one day you can visit the Green Zagorje with the Trakošćan and Veliki Tabor Castles, the Neanderthal Muesum to learn about human evolution, or the ethno-village Kumrovec. If you have to choose, then go with Veliki Tabor Castle and Kumrovec ethno-village. You will learn about the way of life of our feudal aristocracy in and around...
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Zumberak Mountain

Popular destinations around Zagreb - Žumberak One of the most popular destinations among the citizens of Zagreb for one day – full day trip are the Žumberak-Samobor hills. The natural beauty of the hills and peaks like Okić (495 m) south of Samobor, Oštrc (753 m) and Japetić (871) are on regular itineraries of Zagrebian mountaineers. The central point of the region is a small ...
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The Green Zagorje

The gentle green landscapes with hills, fields and valleys, rivers and streams, lakes, ponds and hot springs - this is the Croatian Zagorje. Situated south of the baroque picturesque city of Varazdin, north of Zagreb, i.e. on the “other side” of the Medvednica Mountain. The popular song from Zagorje describes the region's selfawarenss as Green: “Lepe ti je, lepe ti je, Zagorje...
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