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Zagreb around WWII Tour

Zagreb around World War II tour gives answers to frequently asked questions about the events during the nineteen thirties and forties. (Disponible aussi en français) Zagreb was developing fast in those days especially to the east of the historical center. Nice and stylish houses and buildings of that period were transformed during WW2 to become the symbols of the nightmare tha...
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Zumberak Mountain

Popular destinations around Zagreb - Žumberak One of the most popular destinations among the citizens of Zagreb for one day – full day trip are the Žumberak-Samobor hills. The natural beauty of the hills and peaks like Okić (495 m) south of Samobor, Oštrc (753 m) and Japetić (871) are on regular itineraries of Zagrebian mountaineers. The central point of the region is a small ...
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Zagreb County – a Trip to Zumberak

Greek Catholics
Privately guided tour Zumberak Mountain is one of the least populated areas in Croatia, with a constant emigration during the last one hundred years. But this is not the downside, this is actually its best comparative advantage! And although the emigration left the region nearly abandoned, the Žumberak Mountain with the Samobor hills and Plešivica are all three the most popula...
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Zagreb during Roman Empire

Roman remains Zagreb county 2
Andautonia and Scitarjevo During our guided walks with visitors we usually say that Zagreb was founded at the end of the 11th century. But archeological findings tell us another story of Zagreb. The whole territory of Croatia was under the Roman rule and was part of the Roman Empire. Part of this antic heritage can be seen very close to Zagreb, in Zagreb County in the village...
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Zagreb Top Attractions!

Discover Zagreb with your local guide! This essential and short  Zagreb walking tour will take you along the most important sights of Croatia's capital like the Dolac famer's market (until 1 pm), the oldest part of Zagreb on Kaptol hill, through the animated and gorgeous Tkalciceva street, the medieval Stone Gate and through the Upper Town. This is our recommendation if y...
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Easy & Simple Zagreb Food Tour

Zagreb, Croatia If you are in Zagreb or just traveling through, be sure to book this tour to taste the flavors of our culture ! Sometimes tastes and smells tell you more than words! But there will also be a story about Croatian culture. This tour as described below is best done between 9 am and 2 pm, and cannot be booked on public holidays. If you are curious about the food c...
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IMG_7849 is a website I created in 2012. to promote Zagreb as the new European travel destination, its history, people, culture, art, and heritage. I am a professional tour guide since 2008, and a freelancer since 2012. I enjoy researching culture, history, art and intercultural communication to be able to interpret our culture to the travelers of different cultura...
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Visites guidées de Zagreb

Mestrovic The Well 922 x 691
ZAGREB ESSENTIEL ! pour des groupes et pour des voyageurs individuels Visites guidées à pied de Zagreb: Si vous avez qu’un temps très limité, entre deux avions par exemple – on propose une visite rapide des points les plus importants et plus forts de Zagreb. 1,5 à 2 heures environ. 1-3 personnes : 350 Kunas, une personne solo: 200 Kunas 4-8 personnes 500 Kunas group...
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Le Zagorje Vert

Les paysages verdoyants et pittoresques avec des collines, des champs et vallées, rivières et ruisseaux, lacs, étangs et sources d'eau chaude – c’est le Zagorje Croate [zagoriyé]. Situé au sud de la ville pittoresque baroque de Varazdin, au nord de Zagreb, c’est à dire de "l'autre côté" de la montagne Medvednica. La chanson populaire de Zagorje décrit la conscience de soi de c...
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