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Visit Zagreb now!

Late March and Easter in Zagreb: book your local guide now at info @ Official calendars say spring starts on March 21st, but old calendars say that spring starts on St. Joseph’s day, March 19th. Others insist on later dates, St. George’s on April 23rd. Next week is the Holy Week – the week before Easter. If in Croatia Easter is Uskrs or Vazam. Croatians are pr...
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Easy & Simple Zagreb Food Tour

BoZ3 Food
Zagreb, Croatia If you are in Zagreb or just traveling through, be sure to book this tour to taste the flavors of our culture ! Sometimes tastes and smells tell you more than words! But there will also be a story about Croatian culture. This tour as described below is best done between 9 am and 2 pm, and cannot be booked on public holidays. If you are curious about the food c...
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Escape !

Bunker 1
Roomescape experience in Zagreb I have recently discovered a game called RoomEscape and I am thrilled with it! I tried it online as a computer game. However, I have to say, it is more fun as real game in a real room. This game threw our little group of friends out of our usual every day rhythm. In the game, we felt completely dependent one from the other. And, in 60 minutes w...
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Innovation in Guiding

Innoguide logo
Best of Zagreb as a small business from Croatia providing guiding services and other services related to travel  was part of a European project Innovation in guiding - Innoguide 2.0 from 2014 to 2016. This was done through our membership in Drustvo Marije Jurić Zagorke's section of Cultural Tourism. The Innoguide project developed a platform to educate guides, their trainers a...
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Apartment Lovro

New luxury apartment, completely newly furnished located in the heart of Zagreb, 6 min walk from the Central train station and easy accessible with a car. Property provides FREE garage , free WI-FI, air conditioning and accommodates up to 6 persons. This comfortable, modern and spacious apartment is specially designed to provide you luxury during your stay in Zagreb. You can e...
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Plitvie Lakes National Park Tour
ЭКСКУРСИИ В ХОРВАТИИ Чарующие и удивительные озера и водопады национального парка Плитвицкие озера привлекают каждый год, большое количество посетителей. Привлекательный и специфический цвет воды, озера окруженные темным лесом производят незабываемые и уникальые впечатления. ЭКСКУРСИЯ длится целый день. МЕСТО ВСТРЕЧИ: ваш отель или частное помещение в Загребе. КОГДА : 2016 ...
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Zagreb – astuces

Stone Gate and the cathedral
Pour une visite de notre petite capitale charmante Zagreb et la grande partie de la Croatie sont situés dans l'Europe Centrale. Mais, nos visiteurs ont des observations différentes. Et c'est vrai, la Croatie est aussi un pays méditerranéen avec sa longue côte et 1244 îles. La Croatie est aussi un pays des Balkans, étant donné que plus de la moitié de son territoire était occup...
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Zagreb around World War II

History of Croats Mestrovic
Zagreb around World War II tour gives answers to frequently asked questions about the ex-Yugoslavia. And there were two Yugoslavias in the 20th century. The first one before WWII and the second one after the war. In between during the Second World War stands the short period of the Independent State of Croatia as the marionette country under the German, and partially Italian r...
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Основные маршруты Загреба – Б

Krov 1
Загреб - история, культура пешеходная эскурсия Экскурсиядлится  приблизительно 3 часаю Это красивая прогулка в которую можно включить и парки Нижнего города, поднятие на Верхний город Фуникюлером, потом можно спуститься до рынка Долац и каптола с кафедральным сабором. 350 кун (47 EUR) (1- 3 человека) 500 кун (65 EUR) (4 человека или больше) Специально адаптиро...
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Zagreb Walking Tours

Best of Zagreb's walking and sightseeing tours for a real Zagreb experience Zagreb, the capital of Croatia Central Europe - Mediterranean Europe - South-East Europe We organize privately guided tours daily on request and periodically we offer open group tours. Follow us through our website or social networks and book your sightseeing tour with us at info at bestofzagreb . com...
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