Zagreb around World War II

Zagreb around World War II tour gives answers to frequently asked questions about the ex-Yugoslavia. And there were two Yugoslavias in the 20th century. The first one before WWII and the second one after the war.

In between during the Second World War stands the short period of the Independent State of Croatia as the marionette country under the German, and partially Italian rule on the coast.

During the nineteen thirties Zagreb, the capital of Croatia was the industrial, business, financial and cultural center of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Zagreb was developing fast in those days especially to the east of the historical center where we can still see the result of the urban planning of that period.

By dimensions a small town but with high living standards and modern architecture of the Zagreb architectural school. The characteristics of that school is functionalism and it gave to this district a cold and hermetic look.

The political situation before the Second World War was tough in Croatia. The dictatorship of the Serbian political establishment provoked the discontent among the people of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Political parties were banned, sending them to illegal and underground activity.

Everyone felt that hard times are coming. It was obvious that Germany was emerging as a military force without competition in Europe at the end of the nineteen thirties. France and United Kingdom were weak. People had a suspicious attitude towards Chamberlain’s politics to Hitler and kids were joking with Chamberlain’s name pronouncing it “J’aime Berlin” as describes prof. Flaker in his memoires.

In 1941, at the beginning of the war in Croatia Tito was still in Zagreb. Soon he had to leave, because every police officer knew his face. Do you know how he tried to cover up during his stays in Zagreb? Send us your answer to and if you got it right, you will receive a small gift on your day of the tour!

This is just a short introduction, for the rest of the story join the Zagreb around World War II Tour!

Maria Ujević Galetović "Targets"
Maria Ujević Galetović “Targets”

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