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Hi, my name is Samia. I am a tourist guide and a tour leader. A native from Zagreb, Croatia but working as a tour leader on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia.

I was lucky to start travelling early in life, experiencing the French proverb Les voyages forment la jeunesse – travel shapes the young mind; or better, travel broadens the mind. The first-hand experience of cultural phenomena when you are young and open-minded stays for life and drives future interests. For me diversity, transformation, moving and change were qualities of normal life.

Since then I took root in Zagreb, Croatia. For the last 18 years, I have been professionally in tourism and I have worked in a variety of fields in what we call the inbound or receptive tourism sector. Interpretation gave me the necessary tool to spark curiosity in travelers’ minds and open them enough to start questioning their initial views on topics that appear in our discussions during interpretive walks and during travel in Croatia.

It has been and still is a challenge to turn all those different heritage phenomena into valuable long-lasting experiences for a diverse international audience. I was lucky again, in 2018, when I discovered Interpret Europe and the standards for interpretive guiding. The Certified Interpretive Guide course I took in January 2019 added the necessary improvements to my work as a guide, tour leader and interpreter. I love to share my knowledge and experience, and in January 2020 I became a Certified Interpretive Guide Trainer – certified by Interpret Europe, European Association for Heritage Interpretation

My passions in life are people, cultures and interpreting heritage across different cultures and within the same culture.

Since 2012, I have been a freelancer and own a small business called Netragom”(without a trace) and a website www.bestofzagreb.com

Join me in my real and virtual walks!

Samia Zitouni

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